Culture is a living, breathing, dynamic identity that defines your organization’s purpose, direction, and values, empowering your people to take ownership and make decisions to drive forward what your organization really needs. Your culture is the core for how your organization and each employee realizes and translates your full potential into dynamic growth and performance that you can sustain and replicate. Rethinking, Rebuilding, & Reinforcing Culture implements a transformative, agile, and scalable system to unlock the full capability and performance of your organization while ensuring it will adapt to current and future needs.



Here’s the concern: you might not even know what your culture is, how it was formed, who’s influencing it, and if it’s driving your business forward or holding you back.

Quick gut check: how often are you…

  • Thinking and talking about your organizational culture?

  • Building and connecting your business goals with your culture?

  • Evaluating and reinforcing your culture with your people?

The answer needs to be: ALL THE TIME.

Unless, of course, you don’t want to purposefully execute on what you need to accomplish today while building towards the future you are focused on for tomorrow.

You might be part of a large, public, for-profit organization. You might be part of a small, private nonprofit organization. You might be somewhere in between. You might have offices all over the world, all over the States, a single office, or your people work remotely. Either way, your success is largely determined not by your products and services, but rather by your company culture.

We have a solution to simplify the process of rethinking, rebuilding, and reinforcing your culture.



80% of all organizational strategies fail due to a lack of clarity in purpose, vision, goals, plans, communication, and execution. Using our TAP Model™ and True Clarity process, we will help you connect your cultural vision with your intention and actual results. We will show you how to use culture as the lens through which you and your people view the entire organizational transformation, strategic planning, leadership development, communication and teamwork, learning and development, and customer satisfaction.

Organizational & cultural transformation is not just about a way of thinking, behaving, or working in the office. This about boosting employee morale, motivating people, engaging the workforce, building appreciation and gratitude, and making a few changes that make a big difference. It’s about how work in your organization gets done. Culture is everything.

Let’s start with a small cultural assessment to see how you're doing:

[1]  What’s really driving your organization so that when your people walk in the front door, their first thought is not about what tasks they’ll be performing, but how they generate the results your organization really needs?

[2]  What will ensure that your people are taking ownership to move the business forward, influencing how your organization gets things done day-to-day, and positively impacting the way others think and behave in your business and industry?

[3]  What is at the core of improving the development, evaluation, and optimization of your people, performance, and processes to guarantee success in tomorrow’s marketplace?

Your organizational and cultural transformation begins with truly clarifying your vision, mission, and values, integrates your leadership and management capabilities, and vibrates through your people, performances, and processes. Culture extends from your products and services to your marketing, sales and performance efforts as well as your client impact and industry influence. Culture reverberates in every subculture of our company and into the everyday strategy and goals of your company.

It can be overwhelming to take inventory and overhaul your organizational culture. In order to get the right answers about your culture, we have to start with the right process.


Step 1: Understand What Your Culture Is Now & What It Needs To Be

First, we will walk you through an organic assessment of your organization that includes a penetrating look at the following strategic pillars:

  • Pillar 1, The Foundation: your organizational culture

    • Who you are, what needs you solve, and the value you deliver

    • Your marketplace opportunities compared to your customer’s real needs

  • Pillar 2, Organizational Model: your leadership and management

    • Strategic direction including goals and objectives

    • Projects, initiatives, events, and rituals

  • Pillar 3, Capability & Infrastructure: your operations and team

    • Your people, performance, and processes

    • The mindset and communications within your organization

  • Pillar 4, Business Growth: your marketing and sales

    • Deliberate branding plan to benchmark success

    • Marketing and sales calendar, systems, training, and tactics

  • Pillar 5, Customer Value: your clients and delivery

    • Capacity to exceed internal and external expectations

    • Adapting, innovating, and scaling for market needs and demands

  • Pillar 6, Efficiency & Replication: your technology and systems

    • An integrated approach to tech in all pillars of your business

    • Simplification and/or expansion of organization-wide systems

  • Pillar 7, Revenue & Profit: your financial growth targets

    • Top and bottom line effectiveness and growth

    • End-to-end transformation and relevant transparency


Step 2: Break Down What Your Culture Is Built On

Once we identify the pillars of your organization, we will identify the patterns of your active, dominant culture and the patterns of your passive, underlying culture. We will look structurally at what’s working and what’s not working as it relates to these strategic pillars. Finally, we will rethink your culture and break down the parts of your organization that need to be simplified, expanded, and clarified.


Step 3: Build A Manifesto, Collaborative Vision, Communication Code, & Similar Culture Docs

It’s time to catalog and rebuild your culture by separating it into easily digestible documents and systems that will be used during your recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, training, and promotion processes. These documents (or scrolls, as we like to say) become the lifeblood of understanding your culture and helping your people have it integrate into everything they do and in every part of your business.


Step 4: Evaluate & Reinforce Your New Culture With Your People

We’ll start with a unique kickoff experience to help you build energy and excitement for what your organization is and what it’s becoming. We will work with your organizational leaders and top influencers to play a large role in evaluating, supporting, and ultimately reinforcing the new direction the culture is taking.


Cultural development is a process that takes time. Change is hard and some people will refuse it—even protest—your new cultural identity at first. We will start by infusing the new culture dynamics with your most committed people along with the newest people who are eager to onboard. We will help you integrate your transformed culture into your hiring and onboarding process, training and development, vision and goal setting, meeting framework, and overall infrastructure so that people will easily buy into this change to build organizational synergy and avoid any adverse kickback.



  • We will partner with your C-Suite to build a clear and compelling cultural identity that is dynamic in how it defines and evolves your organization’s purpose, direction, and values where people are fully aligned and accountable.

  • We will implement this culture transformation in collaboration with your directors and managers so that it ignites and fuels your people's passions to deliver value that builds loyalty and trust between each of your employees, leadership levels, departments, and customers.

  • We will work with your human resources and training (L&D) department to ensure that cultural development is taking place during learning and development experiences, your performance management approach w as well as everyday leadership opportunities.

  • We will co-create an environment that is built on employee ownership to seize opportunities & eliminate obstacles in achieving the most critical results for the organization no matter the role or job they have.



This TSG solution uses culture as the lens through which you will view your entire organization, strategic planning, leadership development, strategic communication and teamwork, L&D department optimization, as well as your customer experience.



The facts are disturbing: only 45% of Americans are satisfied with the work they do, 77% of Americans are miserable in their overall jobs, and 70% are actively disengaged. What’s worse is that 84% of Americans believe they are not in their dream job, which means they are dreaming about that job while they are at your workplace!

We work about eight hours each day, which is 33% of your day, your week, your month, your year, and your lifetime. If your people aren’t happy and engaged at work, they are miserable with 33% of their day. 33% wrong on an exam is a 67, which is a life! (And the same goes for you if you're not happy at work!) This D is costing your organization precious time, money, and talent. It's unacceptable, and it's time to change the culture to improve recruitment, engagement, morale, productivity, and the bottom line. We keep talking about the shift to human capital, taking care of our people, and building a workplace that helps people become better versions of it's time to prove it.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” (Mark Twain). Most people live without a sense of meaning and work without a sense of passion. Without passion, life is work. With passion, work is a hobby and life is the reward. Now it’s time to reinvigorate that passion and develop the true capabilities of your people so that they can accomplish real results, not just daily tasks.

We will get focused, take intelligent action, and stay accountable to…

  • Engage in an interactive and ongoing conversation about the internal and external drivers of organizational culture, from the executive level through human resources and training to the employees who make an everyday difference.

  • Focus on achieving True Clarity, Aligned Accountability, and Purposeful Execution within your culture, strategy, people, and customers.

  • Begin to answer the right questions about what’s really driving your organizational development, what ensures that people take ownership to move the organization forward, and what’s at the core of the development and optimization of your people, performances, and processes.

  • Participate in a discussion about the Real GPA Pentagon

    • How it affects life and business in the 21st century

    • How you can transform both your personal approach to work and your organization’s approach to cultural development

    • How to clearly define what’s really going to get people to do their best work

  • Discover how to build a recruitment strategy that excites new employees, inspire your people to increase morale, increase engagement to improve your retention, and ultimately improve the bottom line.

This TSG workshop or keynote employs culture to compound the efforts of Genius with the impact of Passion to bring a sense of Achievement and gratitude back into the workplace...improving the way you do nearly everything.