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(Preconference session) The Communication Experiment: Change How Your Team Communicates in One Day (with Joe Urbanski, COO)

This workshop will show you what needs to happen in order for your organization to truly serve its purpose while creating a culture that thrives. It is a manager’s duty to support the collective vision and guide an organization to success via every organization's No. 1 resource: human capital. This workshop is designed to suppport managers in this quest by making communication and teamwork an easier function of the job. What are the reasons why organizations don’t work? A lack of clarity in purpose and values; employees who are disconnected from work; meetings without a purpose; too many responsibilities; lack of priorities; no standards; employees in the wrong function; staff getting offended and not accepting feedback; departments operating as their own silos; delegation done wrong; mistrust; and BMW (b**ing, moaning and whining). These are the many reasons why organizations don't work, and at the source is the same underlying issue: miscommunication. This workshop introduces relevant yet fun solutions to these problems at their core and will help you:

  1. Define a clear path for understanding people's strengths and diverse needs through a unique study of how we communicate starting with yourself.
  2. Become the architect of meaningful, collaborative relationships that yield consistent and lasting success.
  3. Create an aligned culture with increased engagement and ownership in goals and projects.
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The Communication Experiment: Change the Way Your Team Communicates in One Day (with Joe Urbanski, COO)

A lack of clarity in purpose and values. Employees disconnected from work. Meetings without a purpose. Too many responsibilities. Lack of priorities. No standards. People in the wrong function. Getting offended and not accepting feedback. Departments as their own silos. Delegating done wrong. Mistrust. And BMW: b**ing, moaning, and whining. These are the reasons why many organizations don't work, and at the source is miscommunication. This session introduces relevant, yet fun, solutions that hit these problems at their core. Teamwork is vital to the success of all organizations and personal relationships, but expectations can be misleading, everyone's communication style is unique, and common sense is not always common practice. Communication is not only one of the biggest causes of divorce in the United States, it's also a cause for divorcing oneself from a job. The relationship and communication between managers, supervisors, and employees is one of the most common reasons why people quit their jobs . . . and one of the most common reasons why goals aren't achieved and simple or business-threatening mistakes are made. Let's enhance your relationships through extraordinary communication!

Application on the Job:

  1. Improve communication: Start with rapport, earn trust, establish credibility, and focus on clarity.
  2. Increase cooperation: Agree on common language, develop a team identity, set ground rules, and appreciate conflict.
  3. Promote collaboration: Forge shared values, establish a team charter, define a collective vision, develop a collaborative strategy, and become the architect of collaborative relationships that yield consistent and lasting success.
  4. Inspire synergy: Assess talent and enlist support, designate appropriate resources, set up accountability management, and celebrate successes.
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to Apr 12

PMMI Executive Leadership Conference

Cultural Transformation: Building A Culture That Unites, Connects, & Equips Your Organization

A company’s leadership is challenged to mesh numerous, important elements in today’s workplace. Your company culture must be the guide. Urbanski discusses and shares insights regarding different company cultures.

  • Engage in an interactive conversation about the internal and external drivers of organizational culture, from the executive level through human resources and training to the employees who make an everyday difference.
  • Focus on achieving True Clarity, Aligned Accountability, and Purposeful Execution within your culture, strategy, people, and customers.
  • Begin to answer the right questions about what’s really driving your organization, what ensures that people take ownership to move the organization forward, and what’s at the core of the development and optimization of your people, performances, and processes.
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Boost Performance by Making Training a WANT TO, Not a HAVE TO (with Joe Urbanski, COO, in room Durango 1-2)

If you are tired or bored with ineffective training formats, attend this session and discover a proven, disciplined approach to boost employee performance, leadership, and organizational culture from the training programs you deliver. Learn to reverse-engineer the ultimate training experience to create real measurable results in personal and team development that last longer than a month. You’ll walk away immediately knowing how to engage learners with the unique and highly-researched Learn-Say-Do-Reflect Model to increase engagement, retention, and fun.

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Drive a REAL ROI That You Can Sustain and Replicate, Not Just Measure (with Jack Gottlieb, CEO, in room Coronado K)

Training is not about the programs we put on, the number of people we train, or the data we collect. It is about driving a Real ROI that your employees WILL take ownership of and replicate going forward. In order to truly do that learning leaders will learn how to:

  1. Implement The Right Infrastructure - Create the blueprint that will ensure your department or training builds the capability that your organization needs not just the skills we think our people need to have.

  2. Define The Right Metrics - Use the 4 step process that will define and implement the KPI’s (quantitative & qualitative) you must have for your training department and programs to make better decisions and drive greater value to your organization’s top objectives.

  3. Drive a Real RO I- Learn the lean-based approach to building and converting training programs into results based initiatives that will align your organization’s strategy, your customer’s true needs with your employee’s day-to-day focus.

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It's About The Results We Want, Not The Training Programs We Do (with Jack Gottlieb, CEO, in room Coronado K)

As the demands and pressures in our businesses continue to change we must understand how to transform our training departments and programs to drive THE breakthrough results our organizations REALLY need. You will learn and immediately apply the 5-step process it takes to do that for any C-level, project-based, department or company wide training while ensuring that you can then align that to your strategy, people and processes. Learning leaders will learn how to drive greater:

  1. Clarity- Create the strategic blueprint that will align the core objectives of your organization, the critical needs your training is focused on, along with the right approach to ensure you optimize the results you need to deliver on.

  2. Accountability- Design and implement training that provides the experience people need to fully buy in before, during and after the training.

  3. Execution- Integrate the framework for results-based action planning and follow-up support that will yield real improvement inside of 90 days following your training.

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