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(Preconference session) The Communication Experiment: Change How Your Team Communicates in One Day (with Joe Urbanski, COO)

This workshop will show you what needs to happen in order for your organization to truly serve its purpose while creating a culture that thrives. It is a manager’s duty to support the collective vision and guide an organization to success via every organization's No. 1 resource: human capital. This workshop is designed to suppport managers in this quest by making communication and teamwork an easier function of the job. What are the reasons why organizations don’t work? A lack of clarity in purpose and values; employees who are disconnected from work; meetings without a purpose; too many responsibilities; lack of priorities; no standards; employees in the wrong function; staff getting offended and not accepting feedback; departments operating as their own silos; delegation done wrong; mistrust; and BMW (b**ing, moaning and whining). These are the many reasons why organizations don't work, and at the source is the same underlying issue: miscommunication. This workshop introduces relevant yet fun solutions to these problems at their core and will help you:

  1. Define a clear path for understanding people's strengths and diverse needs through a unique study of how we communicate starting with yourself.
  2. Become the architect of meaningful, collaborative relationships that yield consistent and lasting success.
  3. Create an aligned culture with increased engagement and ownership in goals and projects.
Earlier Event: May 25