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Drive a REAL ROI That You Can Sustain and Replicate, Not Just Measure (with Jack Gottlieb, CEO, in room Coronado K)

Training is not about the programs we put on, the number of people we train, or the data we collect. It is about driving a Real ROI that your employees WILL take ownership of and replicate going forward. In order to truly do that learning leaders will learn how to:

  1. Implement The Right Infrastructure - Create the blueprint that will ensure your department or training builds the capability that your organization needs not just the skills we think our people need to have.

  2. Define The Right Metrics - Use the 4 step process that will define and implement the KPI’s (quantitative & qualitative) you must have for your training department and programs to make better decisions and drive greater value to your organization’s top objectives.

  3. Drive a Real RO I- Learn the lean-based approach to building and converting training programs into results based initiatives that will align your organization’s strategy, your customer’s true needs with your employee’s day-to-day focus.

Earlier Event: February 15
Later Event: February 17