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The Communication Experiment: Change the Way Your Team Communicates in One Day (with Joe Urbanski, COO)

A lack of clarity in purpose and values. Employees disconnected from work. Meetings without a purpose. Too many responsibilities. Lack of priorities. No standards. People in the wrong function. Getting offended and not accepting feedback. Departments as their own silos. Delegating done wrong. Mistrust. And BMW: b**ing, moaning, and whining. These are the reasons why many organizations don't work, and at the source is miscommunication. This session introduces relevant, yet fun, solutions that hit these problems at their core. Teamwork is vital to the success of all organizations and personal relationships, but expectations can be misleading, everyone's communication style is unique, and common sense is not always common practice. Communication is not only one of the biggest causes of divorce in the United States, it's also a cause for divorcing oneself from a job. The relationship and communication between managers, supervisors, and employees is one of the most common reasons why people quit their jobs . . . and one of the most common reasons why goals aren't achieved and simple or business-threatening mistakes are made. Let's enhance your relationships through extraordinary communication!

Application on the Job:

  1. Improve communication: Start with rapport, earn trust, establish credibility, and focus on clarity.
  2. Increase cooperation: Agree on common language, develop a team identity, set ground rules, and appreciate conflict.
  3. Promote collaboration: Forge shared values, establish a team charter, define a collective vision, develop a collaborative strategy, and become the architect of collaborative relationships that yield consistent and lasting success.
  4. Inspire synergy: Assess talent and enlist support, designate appropriate resources, set up accountability management, and celebrate successes.
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