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The Total Solutions Group is your partner in driving the results that are Really Most Important™ in your marketplace, for your customers, within your organization, and with your people. We are a consulting and training company that becomes an extension of your C-Suite, working closely with your organizational leaders, human resources, and training function to achieve True Clarity™, Aligned Accountability™, and Purposeful Execution™ for your business.

Our focus is developing solutions to create dynamic, end-to-end transformation for your culture, strategy, and capability. We will implement a breakthrough agile approach to TAP™ into Organizational Excellence so that you achieve the transformation you need today while building what you need for the long-term.

We focus on the following four cornerstones to drive your transformation:

  1. Marketplace: Where you compete and operate in order to affect change and drive growth in your community, region, country, and the world.

  2. Customers: Who you serve, who you want to serve in the future, and the value you must deliver to solve their real needs and optimize their goals.

  3. Organization: The right culture, strategy, and capability to achieve the full potential of why your business exists in the first place.

  4. People: Aligning the dreams and career paths of your people with the organization’s vision and mission so that your people create value beyond the jobs they were hired to do.

This is our commitment to you:

  • For organizations, we design and deliver your customized solutions, and then prepare you to sustain them by training the trainers and coaching the coaches to increase engagement and facilitate lasting performance.

  • For individuals, we focus on an experience built on organizational growth and motivational psychology to ensure that they can lead and manage what’s Really Most Important to your team.

That’s our purpose. Our purpose inspires us. What inspires you? What moves your business forward and drives your organization? What wakes you up in the morning and keeps you going at night? What is your purpose? Let us know, take Your First Step.

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