Most strategic planning meetings, sessions, and retreats result in a document that ends up just sitting in a file cabinet vs. actually transforming the focus and approach of your organization. It’s About The Results We Want, Not The Initiatives We Plan is a dynamic five-step process that fosters True Clarity™, Aligned Accountability™ and Purposeful Execution™ to what’s Really Most Important™ for your organization in the following four cornerstones of strategic growth: [1] your marketplace, [2] your customers, [3] your organization, and [4] your people.



As the world of business continues to increase in speed, complexity, and competition, we are faced with three brutal realities:

  1. Does what we offer and how we deliver it still create the value our customers really need—and are we ahead of the innovation curve or behind in our development?

  2. Do we have the type of culture and strategy that our people clearly understand and buy into so we can exceed the pace of change instead of just reacting to it?

  3. Is our plan compelling enough to rally our people in a common vision, yet flexible enough to adapt to the realities and concerns of an ever-changing marketplace?

Take a moment to answer these questions now. (Yes, right now.)

An empowering strategic plan starts with a company’s vision, mission, and values. That’s the easy part. But is the scope of your plan both relevant and compelling enough to generate business, turn customers into allies, and convert your own people into raving fans?

That’s where we come in to help you focus on the results you want, not the initiatives you're planning.



To truly transform our organization, we must eliminate the approach that culture and strategic change is some kind of event, campaign, or retreat that creates some document, poster, themed days, or rewards. It’s a dynamic process that drive what you really need to accomplish today while building what you want for your future. It begins with the commitment that culture and strategy is built on everyone taking ownership—not just being engaged. This is a dynamic process embedded throughout the organization that drives everyone on a daily basis where each person optimizes their full potential to increase the capability of the organization at the same time. This is a groundbreaking, agile approach that integrates the entire organization into the process. It is built on five core steps that can scale within an an individual business unit or department, organization-wide, or a global initiative.


Step 1: Establish Your Four Cornerstones

We will foster True Clarity™ in what is Really Most Important™ to your organizational culture and business strategy by establishing your four cornerstones and clarifying the core questions that we must ask in each to establish your core foundation:

  1. Our Marketplace: Where we compete and create value.

  2. Our Customers: Who we serve and what they really need.

  3. Our Organization: Who we are and what you want to be.

  4. Our People: Who leads us and the value they bring.


Step 2: Develop Your Core Foundation

We will redesign and/or enhance your organization’s four cornerstones to develop a cultural foundation, identity, and common language that fosters breakthrough focus, decision making, and opportunity.

  1. Who are we and who do we want to be? What is our core purpose, vision, mission, and the values we stand for?

  2. What needs do we solve? Who are we targeting, what are their core needs, and why do they need us?

  3. What value do we want to create? What does it mean to impact their business and financial lives?

  4. What are our standards? What are the standards that we have for our clients externally and the core behaviors that we expect from our people internally?


Step 3: Define Your Strategic Pillars & Deliverables

We will define the strategic pillars and overall focus of your organization that you will use as the building blocks for your strategic plan, milestones, and KPIs (key performance indicators). This provides the framework for planning and communication that drives day-to-day execution, moving both your people and organization forward at the same time.

  • Pillar 1: your organizational culture

  • Pillar 2: your leadership and management

  • Pillar 3: your operations and team

  • Pillar 4: your marketing and sales

  • Pillar 5: your clients and delivery

  • Pillar 6: your technology and systems

  • Pillar 7: your financial growth targets


Step 4: Accelerate Your Strategic Discipline

Once we have a strategic plan that is relevant to all core stakeholders and functions, we must integrate the plan into the fabric of the organization where it reaches every employee that walks in the door every minute of the day. With that, the following steps are how we break down your strategic plan into the weekly and daily actions needed.

  1. Long-term path (3+ years)

  2. One year plan & dashboard

  3. Organizational, departmental, and personal scorecards

  4. Core projects and initiatives

  5. 90-day tactical actions, projects, and events

  6. Weekly and daily rituals and huddles


Step 5: Build & Transform Your Capability Path

Capability is the tipping point in having a great strategy that guides your focus versus having a strategic culture that allows us execute. The scenarios we need to prepare for are based on market conditions, customer needs, organizational performance, and human capital. From here, we create a blueprint and tactical plan over each of the next 12 months and help you develop your…

  1. Business Model. How do we best create and deliver the value our customers really need externally and what our departments really need internally where we generate the results our customers want and the revenue/profitability that we need to fulfill our mission?

  2. Infrastructure. How do we set ourselves up for success by breaking down what our functions and responsibilities are, the workflow of how each branch/department works together, and how individuals connect and collaborate?

  3. Processes. What are the most critical processes we must have so we can consistently execute with precision within our infrastructure?

  4. Competencies & Skills. What are the competencies and skills needed within each level of leadership, function, and geography on the business and technical sides to ensure that we are ahead of client needs?

  5. The Catalyst: Our People. What really drives each of our people individually in their strengths, passions, and career path as it relates to the organization? How do we leverage those strengths, passions, and career paths to ensure that people go beyond just doing a great job to actually take ownership of the results most needed?


  • We will partner with your C-Suite to launch and improve your bigger vision, strategic path, benchmarked goals, tactical plans, and critical ritual and habits, as well as your business growth goals.

  • We will implement your strategic plan in collaboration with your directors and managers to generate results that you need day-to-day while still achieving measurable progress to your strategic vision.

  • We will work with your human resources and training (L&D) department to simplify the process whereby each training initiative and workshop series is connected and aligned to your strategic plan and business growth goals.

  • We will be sure that your vision and goals are easily accessible and communicated to employees so that your people become part of the bigger vision and organizational growth.



This TSG solution expands upon your organizational and cultural transformation and filters through your leadership development experience, strategic communication and teamwork initiatives, learning and development plans, as well as your end-to-end customer experience.