We co-create and fully implement customized solutions to achieve your strategic objectives and solve your most critical needs. We understand that you want to transform your business through a sustainable increase in performance and results, and this must be done within a culture grounded in ownership. This activates full accountability while reducing the time needed to translate new skills and concepts into the capability you need to achieve real results.

Imagine the impact...customers who become your champions, employees who go beyond the job description, and an organization that is achieving measurable top line growth and bottom line impact.

Here is our comprehensive approach...


We become an extension of your business to achieve what’s Really Most Important as we [1] build the culture you need, [2] design and implement a strategic path, and [3] improve your capability and infrastructure to accelerate your transformation.

TSG Consulting is a strategic commitment to fully partner with you based on real problems or turmoil you need to resolve or opportunities you want to seize. We earn the right to become an extension of your organization’s senior leaders, business unit, or team, whereby we are seen as a part of the executive team rather than an outsider. As your partner, we are essentially on staff for a minimum of six months to multi-year to focus on organizational optimization and culture-driven transformation. We help to generate business results that impact what is Really Most Important™ (RMI) to your growth and impact in your marketplace, for your customers, within your organization, and with your people. We do that by providing expert advice from our wisdom (knowledge + experience) to assess and develop solutions for people, performance, and processes to drive what the organization needs right now while building toward your bigger future.


To accelerate your transformation, we are your partner to build the experience that your team needs (not just a class) to drive ownership (not just engagement) in order to improve capabilities (not just skills) that fosters full accountability (not just attendance) to create a Real ROI (not just measurement for the sake of measurement).

TSG Training is a spaced learning experience that translates teaching to learning, learning to skill, skill to practice, and practice to habit. We integrate how each person can best succeed by integrating their best selves with what they’re learning. From there, we take how people best succeed so as to turn individual skills into team capability, departmental performance, and ultimately organizational results. This occurs over a period of time, balancing practice, coaching, and accountability to drive confidence, teamwork, and real results (not just training). The overall outcome is co-created based on organizational and participant needs.


To create a Real ROI, we are your catalyst to challenge, empower, & optimize your people, starting with a clear understanding of what your organization needs to implement change, then we develop a kickoff experience to energize and engage your people, and finally we work with you to turn new skills into everyday habits.

TSG Keynotes are a short burst of training or facilitation that is high-energy, interactive, engaging, fun, and totally relevant to what’s Really Most Important™ to you and your people. We focus on introducing a few core concepts/tools so that your people discover and/or activate the clarity, confidence, courage, and conviction to take next steps to achieve what is possible for themselves and the organization. This is usually in large group classroom format, customized to energize the participants so they want to continue the conversation afterwards on their own.


Turning new skills into everyday habits only happens with the right support and the right tools implemented at the right time to fully transform your organization. (Yes, this comes back full circle to #1, showing your people that this is a process, not some random bullet points on a website.)

TSG Coaching is a guiding experience to a better place, a thinking and strategy and accountability partner, a supporting champion and cheerleader, and a reminder of what’s Really Most Important; focuses on building confidence, capability, clarity, and commitment so you overcome your challenges; focuses on behaviors and self-discovery. You are the expert and we are merely the guide.