The #1 obstacle in an organization’s culture (as indicated by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company) is lack of clarity when people don’t have the understanding or buy-in to follow through on your organization’s strategy both internally with your teams and externally with your customers. The Aligned Communication Experiment provides you with a replicable five-step communication and team building process that creates organization-wide alignment and accountability to solve breakdowns and seize opportunities.



Based on our experience in being a strategic partner to organizations like yours and along with our own research and development, here are some of critical reasons why organizations don’t have the alignment and accountability they need:

  • People disconnected from the importance of their work

  • Meeting with no purpose or agenda

  • Too many projects and responsibilities

  • Lack of truly understanding priorities and commitments

  • No communication code or team standards to govern what’s best for the organization

  • Departments acting as their own silos separate from the others

  • People in the wrong function doing the wrong job

  • People getting offended and not accepting feedback

  • Delegating isn’t done right by the right people to the right people

  • Mistrust between people and/or departments

And the one word that sums it all up: miscommunication. You’ve got a communication problem, and it’s time to solve it both tactically in the day-to-day happenings and strategically as part of the big picture.


Think about how much time is spent on dealing with drama, distractions, delays, and disrespect.

  • Are your people truly focused on creating and delivering value for the organization and its customers, or do they bring drama to the workplace instead of doing what is Really Most Important™?

  • How frequently do you find your people being redirected by distractions that hinder momentum of the company’s strategic priorities?

  • Is your organization stuck in an endless communication loop trying to get projects and information from people that are causing delays?

  • Do you have a culture that breeds happiness through daily appreciation and gratitude or is it littered with disrespect and challenge?

You already know this: these are countless work hours that are lost when having to solve any of these issues, let alone having to solve them again and again. It’s okay to have a problem and then work to solve it. It’s not okay to have to solve the same problem over and over as organizational growth is about solving new and bigger problems.

Allow us to be your strategic partner in triggering systemic change through communication and teamwork.



For your organization, departments, and staff to succeed in driving the value your customers really need, everyone must take ownership to ensure that you have the same culture internally between departments as you do externally with your customers™. This means the same ideals you provide in outstanding customer service must be applied within the dynamic of each team as well. We will transform your approach and capability in how you communicate and best create value one-to-one, in teams, interdepartmentally, and organizationally. This will balance real-time experiments that become tools and processes that can be immediately embedded into your organizational approach.


Step 1: Seek The Real Truth

We must start with rapport, earn trust, and establish credibility that will allow us to drill down to find and evaluate the truth and root causes of any communication breakdowns and opportunities with your people to create consensus and readiness to move forward.


Step 2: Provide True Clarity

Learn how to package and communicate what is Really Most Important™ with any plan, project, or event where people fully understand and connect to how that relates their roles and responsibilities and tapping into where their commitment and focus needs to be. Then, build and agree on common language, develop a team identity, and set ground rules for how your departments, teams, and individuals cooperate.


Step 3: Ensure Total Buy-In & Collaboration

Forge shared values, establish a communications code, define a collective vision, and develop a collaborative strategy that fosters buy-in and alignment deep within your organization and departments by mastering how to inspire and influence people to build the willingness, follow-through, and accountability in each person and benchmark.


Step 4: Empower Everyone Towards Results

Implement a process for mobilizing people to develop plans, make decisions, and take action immediately to achieve organizational results and personal milestones that are on target, on time, and below budget. This begins with assessing talent and enlisting support, designating appropriate resources (time, money, and talent), setting up accountability management, and celebrating successes. That’s team synergy.


Step 5: Resolve Critical Conflicts & Restore Full Confidence

Approach breakdowns and challenges with greater poise and skill to get back on track more effectively through the use of dynamic negotiation and conflict resolution tactics that measure emotional intelligence, create value first, understand values and pressures on the other side, and build the story and vision for the negotiation.

With our help, this five-step communication process permeates your organizational culture and integrates into every goal and initiative. This begins with how you strategically communicate in order to create real value as opposed to simply providing information and assigning tasks. Then, we restructure the approach and capability you take in building and aligning teams to generate results—not just checking things off the list—that you can fully sustain and replicate into your future.


  • We will partner with your C-Suite to define a clear path for understanding people's strengths and diverse needs to create an aligned culture with increased engagement and ownership in goals and projects.

  • We will implement this solution in collaboration with your directors and managers so they can become the architects of meaningful, collaborative relationships that yield consistent and lasting success.

  • We will work with your human resources and training (L&D) department to improve communication on all levels in the organization and on all fronts of the hiring, onboarding, training, and development of your people.

  • We will change the way your employees communicate in one day to be sure that they feel comfortable and confident with their roles and responsibilities, their plans and projects, and ultimately their engagement within the company.



It is a leader and manager’s duty to support the collective vision and guide an organization to success via every organization's #1 resource: human capital. This experience is designed to support you in this quest by making communication and teamwork an easier function of the job in all aspects of your culture and strategy as well as your leadership development and customer focus.



Change The Way Your Team Communicates In One Day

A lack of clarity in purpose and values. Employees disconnected from work. Meetings without a purpose. Too many responsibilities. Lack of priorities. No standards. People in the wrong function. Staff getting offended and not accepting feedback. Departments operating as their own silos. Delegation done wrong. Mistrust. And BMW: b****ing, moaning, and whining. These are the reasons why many organizations don't work, and at the source is the same underlying issue: miscommunication.

This session introduces relevant, yet fun, solutions that hit these problems at their core. Teamwork is vital to the success of all organizations and personal relationships, but expectations can be misleading, everyone's communication style is unique, and common sense is not always common practice. Communication is not only one of the biggest causes of divorce in the United States, it's also a cause for divorcing oneself from a job. The relationship and communication between managers, supervisors, and employees is one of the most common reasons why people quit their jobs...and one of the most common reasons why goals aren't achieved and simple or business-threatening mistakes are made. Let's enhance your relationships through extraordinary communication!

Organizational leaders will…

  • Define a clear path for understanding people's strengths and diverse needs through a unique study of how we communicate starting with yourself.

  • Become the architect of meaningful, collaborative relationships that yield consistent and lasting success.

  • Create an aligned culture with increased engagement and ownership in goals and projects.

Employees will…

  • Improve communication: Start with rapport, earn trust, establish credibility, and focus on clarity.

  • Increase cooperation: Agree on common language, develop a team identity, set ground rules, and appreciate conflict.

  • Promote collaboration: Forge shared values, establish a team charter, define a collective vision, and develop a collaborative strategy.

  • Inspire synergy: Assess talent and enlist support, designate appropriate resources, set up accountability management, and celebrate successes.

What about negotiation?

  • Understand the fundamentals of how negotiation is built into almost everything that we do.

  • Discuss how emotional intelligence plays a role in communication and negotiation.

  • Practice negotiating in different scenarios and debrief insights with small groups.

  • Build a plan of action for current and future negotiations.

This session introduces you to the core principles that will help you make immediate upgrades to the communication dynamic in your organization, department, and even with small groups.