Leadership is more difficult now than ever with the evolution of your customer expectations, the increase in competition and options in the marketplace, and the evolving needs of your employees. Beyond just improving the skill of leadership, you must have a sustainable and transformative capability in how you lead and build people, performance, and processes to deliver unparalleled value. Leadership To Results: Your Customized, Self-Sustaining Leadership Development Experience will guide and support you in building the leadership development approach your organization needs from start to finish, big picture to small details, implementation to performance optimization, and executive team to first-time managers.



Your leadership development program (LDP) shouldn’t be a program because we can’t program the problems out of—or the optimization into—your organization. It’s a system, it’s a way of thinking, it’s ingrained in the culture, it’s what you stand for, and it’s about who you are. It’s not just a program; it’s an experience the compels your leaders to consistently work on the business (not just in it) which includes their deliverables, people, and processes.

You may have learned that in order to build a leadership development “program,” you need to start with a readiness audit, focus on competencies, utilize industry data to set standards, define observable behavior, choose the best content, and identify high potential participants. You don’t need an audit to decide if you’re ready. Leadership development is personal development and is sometimes more than a competency. You don’t necessarily need industry standards and best practices; your goal is to create your best practices that you need. Some of the biggest leadership traits are not observable. We don’t teach content; we teach people. And finally, everyone in your company may have the opportunity to become a high potential—but they all lead in unique ways and need to be trained and managed differently.

So if we’re not supposed to build our “program” around what we typically hear, how do we build it? First, start by starting to think about your organization’s objectives, capability needs and where you need to improve in your leadership. Then, take a few moments to answer these questions [1] honestly for yourself and then [2] with the leaders you’re developing:

  1. Are you willing to invest the financial resources, time and energy into your people so that they have the capabilities to exceed your customer's needs and seize the opportunities that are most critical for your organization’s direction?

  2. Are you committed to proving to your people that they are your most valuable asset which means we are not going to just ask them to produce more but truly develop them to be more productive?

  3. Are you ready to build your organizational culture around a leadership development experience that fully aligns with what is Really Most Important™ in your business, and not just some training program?

The Leadership To Results solution is customized around your commitment to your people, your investment in their capabilities, and your readiness to focus on not just a leadership program, but a comprehensive leadership development experience (LDE) as part of your company culture.

Let’s do this together to improve how you plan, empower, and execute within your organization.



A true leadership development experience is about getting the [1] right people with the [2] right mindset to apply [3] the best strategies and implement [4] the right systems in order to [5] do their best work so as to [6] create the right experience for [7] the greater good of the organization. It’s not some off-the-shelf program or plug-and-play training; it’s as integral as your hiring and onboarding process, your customer relationship management software, and your weekly meetings and reporting. In fact, it’s a part of each of those processes as well.

Below are the five anchors of how we guide, develop, and implement your leadership experience, going beyond just another training...all customized to align everyone from your senior team all the way to first-time managers.


1. A Visionary Model: Focusing on Strategic Planning & Tactical Execution

There is no greater component of leadership than understanding and developing the direction of the organization, department, team, and customer both long and short term. As a result, leaders will be able to capitalize on opportunities to align strategic deliverables with day-to-day needs in order to drive consistent results.


2. An Alignment Artist: Communicating & Empowering Towards A Shared Direction

There are three critical areas for any organizational leader to have alignment: trust, credibility, and integrity. When we are able to apply that within our business, people, and customers, we increase our ability to build strategic relationships and gain buy in both inside and outside the company.


3. A Change Agent: Working On The Business (Not Just In It)

We must be committed to challenging what doesn’t work & creating what’s necessary in order to be on the leading edge of our vision, capabilities, and overall potential. We first assess current processes (operations, products and services, people, marketing, sales, execution, etc.), then collaborate and innovate to reduce obstacles while driving forward prime opportunities.


4. A Pillar of Empowerment: Maximizing Your People’s Best Potential & Resources

The best leaders get the best out of their people while driving forward understanding, commitment, and growth at all levels of their team. This involves running a lean, results-oriented department or organization that empowers people to make decisions that are in the best interest of the company even if not everyone agrees.


5. A Creator of Strategic Performance: Driving Commitment & Accountability

Leaders create an atmosphere and community that is built on strategic urgency, readiness, and execution  to generate organizational results and increase employee potential. To do this, leaders will empower their people so they see their expectations and actions through the results that organization is focused on not just their to do list and job responsibility. This builds a high performing culture where we all are focused on the market and customers we serve.


Once the leadership anchors above are used to lay the foundation, we develop the experience with you:

  1. Purpose: Why is leadership development and training important in your organization for both right now and your strategic direction?

  2. Vision: What do you imagine your organization being like in four years as a direct result of building the leadership capability you want?

  3. Setup/Context: What does the training need to look, sound, and feel like? What do you want participants walking away thinking, feeling, and doing differently for the organization not just their job?

  4. Content: What is the core solution/curriculum that everyone needs and what is the customized content needed for your different leadership levels & departments?

  5. Design: How will you ensure the Learn-Say-Do-Reflect model <link to model> is included in the design of every session, workshop, or series in order to ensure that your program is relevant to what your people most want and need?

  6. Delivery: How do you ensure each leader is excited and ready to take ownership of how to translate what they will learn into the skills you need them to improve on that will seamless build the capability your organization needs to achieve sustainable results?

  7. Implementation: How do you guarantee that this is [1] relevant, [2] compelling, [3] sustainable, [4] replicable, and [5] scalable in how people lead within your organization.

  8. Evaluation: What tools and assessments will best help you optimize the Real ROI you’re looking for: 1. financial, 2. capability, and 3. culture?

Difficult questions to answer? That’s why we’re here.


  • Leadership For Non-Leadership Titles
  • Your Pipeline: Emerging/High Potentials
  • 1st Time Managers: From Individual Contributor To Managing Other’s Performance
  • Directors: Running The Business Not Just Leading People
  • Executive Team: From transition To Optimization



Here is a partial listing of the topics that we can customize and integrate into your leadership development experience:

  • Performance Management Structure & Process
  • Delegation/Leverage
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Organizational Leadership & Strategy
  • Talent Development
  • Career Management
  • From Engagement To Ownership
  • Time Optimization
  • Project Management/Optimization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Leading vs. Managing People
  • Collaboration & Synergy
  • Process Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Communication & Team Building



  • We will partner with your C-Suite to immerse into and fully understand the culture, strategy and needs for the organization and the leaders that are responsible for it. Next, we will outline and develop the components for a high-energy, engaging, and relevant personal and leadership experience to help the company build the leadership capability it needs in its current strategic path.

  • We will implement this solution in collaboration with your directors and managers in order to integrate your organization's critical objectives and cascade down to the department's critical objectives and each leader’s individual development plan.

  • We will work with your human resources and training (L&D) department to craft and facilitate your leadership training that infuses what’s already working in your current training programs while eliminating what doesn’t work.

  • Employees (executive team to first-time managers) will take ownership for their leadership skills and capabilities by developing the characteristics and competencies your business expects based on your organization’s culture and needs.



This TSG solution guides you with through proven, disciplined approach for creating a customized leadership and personal development experience in your company that spreads through your culture and into your strategic planning, communication and teamwork dynamics, and your training and development programs, while improving your overall customer impact and influence in the industry.



Here's why most leadership development programs don't work: because you can't program leadership development into people!

There are four types of Leadership Development Programs (LDP): a training series, tiered programs, exclusive programs, and a students-teaching-students approach. This isn't any of those...because it's not a program. This comprehensive Leadership Development Experience (LDE) introduces a training methodology and tactics for creating the experience that is right for you and your business. We will guide you through a process that will allow you to define and ultimately create a leadership development initiative of your own.


  • Executives, managers, and directors will outline the components for their new training programs to help their company increase its leadership capacity over the next four years.
  • Senior leadership will integrate your organization's critical objectives and cascade down to the department's critical objectives and each employee's individual development plan.


  • Trainers, instructional managers, and practitioners will plan their leadership training and incorporate strategies for strengthening the current program and the continuous steps necessary to build capability, along with future training installments.
  • Employees will take ownership for their leadership skills and capabilities by developing the characteristics and competencies your business expects.


  • Participants will be empowered to create actions plans that will be implemented immediately, while aligning their managers with the desired results and tactical actions.
  • Everyone will learn how to train the trainers and coach the coaches to create a sustainable and replicable leadership development model.


This TSG solution provides you with a proven, disciplined approach for creating a customized leadership and personal development experience in your company.