As with any great movie, TV series, or book series, let’s storyboard this. We need to know the History of our organization so that we connect to the Four Cornerstones that outline who we want to become, which allows us to define and frame our Manifesto and Purpose for why we do what we do; we use that purpose to inspire and shape our Vision and Mission, and then we create and leverage specific Drivers, Standards, Values, Behaviors, and Communications Code for how we want to operate as an organization.

These all weave together to form the fabric of our organizational culture, and at the foundation are your Four Cornerstones that embody every part of your organization and set up the framework for your culture, strategy, and capability. We use these as a filter to determine what’s Really Most Important™.

We focus on the Four Cornerstones to drive your transformation.


Where you compete and play in order to influence lasting change and drive sustainable growth in your community, region, country, and the world.


Who you are passionate about serving, who you want to serve in the future, and the value you must deliver to solve their real needs, optimize their goals, and help them make their impact.


What you are and what you want to become, as represented by the right culture, strategy, and capability to achieve the full potential of why your business exists in the first place.


Who will live and drive your path forward, aligning the dreams and career paths of your people with the organization’s vision and mission so that your people create value beyond just the jobs they were hired to do.

Your Four Cornerstones weave together to tell help tell the story about where you are now and where you are going.