We design solutions that will drive the breakthrough results and capability you need today and for the long-term. We will drive full ownership & accountability while reducing the time needed to translate new ideas, skills, and concepts into the results you need now. This is about how we drive success and a Real ROI for you, no matter what our relationship.

  • For the organization: To be clear on where we are heading and what the strategic drivers need to be in order to get there.

  • For each person: To be agile and to get real impact from each progressive phase of the partnership.

Our standards are about how we operate in order to move your organization forward with precision and agility to be successful and fulfilled internally and externally. We also use the standards as a proactive evaluation tool to drive your transformation.

Our commitment to you begins and ends with our Core Standards:


What’s Really Most Important to do.

We ensure that what we do is completely relevant to what's Really Most Important™ within your business infrastructure, leadership strategy, key performance indicators, and people development. Being relevant is about full line of sight up and down the organization and across all departments, aligning individual performance with business objectives to deliver the results you need now and into the coming years.


Where people feel they must be a part of this.

You will increase engagement through shared ownership of goals and actions among you and your team, moving toward immediate, consistent, and focused results. We will tap into the heart of what moves people so that everyone buys in and feels compelled to move the organization forward...otherwise, any plans and initiatives are doomed from the start. This isn't just about the results you want and tasks you plan; it's about the core of your organizational culture.


Where people will adopt for the long-run.

Your people will fully adopt your new initiatives in order to drive the behavior, alignment, accountability, and execution necessary to drive performance and results. Sustainability is about two things: building systems that reinforce action-based learning and sustaining an infrastructure to extend the impact and duration of your results. This makes transformation seem easy and natural.


Reproducing similar—if not better—results and overall performance in all areas of your business as your organization, customers, and industry evolve.

We will capture the blueprint, best practices, and enduring strategies that drive the results throughout your TSG experience so that you can leverage each process for other objectives. Replication is about reproducing similar—if not better—results and overall performance in all areas of your business as your organization, customers, and industry evolve.


Where you can leverage your results and improvements efficiently throughout the entire organization.

You will have the ability to leverage your results and improvements throughout the organization with a focus on ease of use, seamless transition, and operational efficiency. This standard TSG practice makes it easy to grow your team, leadership, and succession plan while continuing to function at optimal capacity, taking advantage of a larger operating arena and greater overall execution.