One of the biggest critical breakdowns within organizations is fostering accountability not just within individuals but the departments they work in and within the global/virtual offices those are located. This starts with the clarity and culture of the organization but the sustainability of it is based on how we continuously work on our business and people not just conducting year end reviews. We will build from the ground up a blueprint for performance optimization that will increase the discretionary effort of our people so they take ownership of our top priorities not just be engaged in their job.


The Process You Will Go Through & The Results You Will Achieve

Step 1: Frequency & Focus

Design the framework for how we consistently work as an organization to being more strategic in what we are focused on and how we improve our overall approach. This will balance within the following time frame of: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.

Step 2: Standards, Rewards & Consequences

Define the critical framework that balances what we need everyone to be accountable for along with the reinforcement needed to sustain that by driving forward the right actions, recognition and eliminating any behaviors/habits that do not have a place in our organization.

Step 3: Evaluation

Learn the breakthrough process in how to fully evaluate your people’s performance and potential against the strategic drivers and culture of your organization. There are 4 core factors that drive this and you will then integrate that into a true talent grid that will provide you the input on how to move your team/organization forward beyond just one individual at a time.

Step 4: Development

Accelerate breakthroughs and confidence for your people/departments by building dynamic 30/90 day strategic plans that balance results to be accomplished and as well as performance improvement. From there you will learn the balance of how to improve your people by providing the right blend of corrective action, coaching and training.