There is not enough time in the day due to the rapid change of priorities in our organization as well as the day to day challenges and opportunities we have to respond to. Execution is not about getting things done it is about generating results that we can truly sustain, replicate and scale. We will get to the root of how to allocate and optimize our time, make better decisions and then execute with purpose & precision.


The Process You Will Go Through & The Results You Will Achieve

Step 1: Baseline

Understand what making great decisions at your organization looks like in order to achieve your short-term expectations without sacrificing long-term sustainability. This starts by looking at the 3 parameters of time optimization:

  • How it is demanded: How are people placing demands on you and how you also do so for yourself?
  • How it is allocated: Where is your time being spent and how you are you scheduling your time when it comes to how you approach any situation or challenge?
  • How it is utilized: How are you utilizing the energy and bandwidth of your organization?

Step 2: Organize & Order

We will learn the two fundamentals of time optimization company-wide: #1 Opportunity Cost (what am I giving up if I do this) and #2 Comparative Advantage (leverage of strengths not workload). From there we will be able to organize and then order our ideas, options and action steps at any level to foster rapid and Purposeful Execution™.

Step 3: Precision

Increase your effectiveness in any large/small scale project or initiative through a portable approach that can be applied to any time frame or scale of focus in order to best keep and exceed the pace of your objectives/strategy

  • The Driver (Results)- Clarify the top results to align your marketplace with your organization
  • The Accountability (Purpose)- Define the true relevance to the organization and what the ROI will be
  • The Game Plan (Strategy)- Define, prioritize and organize the ideas/tasks that will best get us there
  • The Resources (Support)- Leverage the resources you need in people, information and money
  • The Action (Tactics & Measurement)-  Where are we going to start and how will we track our progress

Step 4: Innovation

Through the SOS Improvement Process, Self Confidence, Optimization (Simplicity + Expansion) and Speed, we will look at what barriers and opportunities exist in your work flow and processes to drive greater results and opportunity